The Women’s Missionary Auxiliary (WMA) is a group of women authorized by local churches of the Baptist Missionary Association of America. They band together on local, district, state and national levels. The support of missions, Bible study, personal evangelism, sponsorship of youth, and Christian education are types of ministries they serve.

The Jonesboro Association of BMAA churches has a local WMA presence as well as several of it’s churches.

2023 District WMA
Officers, Meeting Dates & Host Churches
President: Michelle McCrackin
1st Vice President: Becky Simino
2nd Vice President: Pat Duncan
3rd Vice President: Thelma Sparks
Secretary: Mary Smith
Assistant Secretary: Brenda Woodbury
Treasurer: Becky Simino
Assistant Treasurer: Theresa Book
Reporter: Gean Hindley
Assistant Report: Brenda Flinn
Historian: Judy Fletcher
Assistant Historian: T. Book/M. McCrackin
Assistant Bible Tract Distributor: Ann Carpenter
Song Leader: Elsie Harvey
Assistant Song Leader:
Pianist: Darlene Downs
Assistant Pianist: Judy Hass

2023 Meetings
Jan 7th – Herman – Jonesboro (map)
April 1st – Prospect – Jonesboro (map)
July 8th – Highland Hills – Highland (map)
October 10th – To be determined

Advisory Committee: Don Duncan, Leon Harvey, John Travis

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